As a child in a military family I learned to love constant changes of scenery and meeting people I might not otherwise have ever known. The first photo I remember taking was with my dads Polaroid “One Step”. I took the worst photo of a Parrot (maybe it was a Toucan, you really can’t tell) in the history of the San Diego Zoo, but I fell in love with cameras and photography nonetheless.  

That love lead me through countless jobs, a BFA from Tufts University, a Degree from the School at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, years of assisting some of the best photographers alive (if not, ever) and finally to the work that brought you to my website. 

I love traveling to new places, meeting new people and going back to familiar faces. I have never been anywhere I wouldn’t go back to. I still get excited to travel (although airline food is getting worse) no matter the destination. Although, I have learned that keeping your sense of humor is the secret to enjoying travel. 

I love running, hunting, conversing with strangers; I am a huge fan of ice hockey and eating strange foods from street carts. And most of all, I love knowing that I have the coolest job in the world.  


PS: I also live in the coolest city in the world, Brooklyn.